A30 Express Toll fee schedule 2019

Our fee schedule will be updated on February 1st, 2019. Starting this date, the toll fee for the passage of a Category 1 vehicle (car) will be $1.55 per axle or $3.10 for a passenger car. The fare for a Category 2 vehicle will become $2.30 per axle.

Why toll fares increase again?

-        The toll fares are computed every year based on a formula defined in the agreement between the Ministry and A30 Express. Two factors impact the toll fares : the inflation and the traffic volume.

-        The traffic growth accelerates the deterioration of the highway and therefore the maintenance needs. The toll fares increase based on the traffic volume aims at preserving the infrastructure in accordance with the highest standards of security and comfort for users.

Who benefits from this increase?

-        Toll revenue is shared with the Ministry. As a result, the Ministry will receive about half of the additional revenue.

-        The toll revenue is used to repay the debt incurred for the construction of the A30. This toll fare increase falls within this framework.

The A30 Express transponder will remain free of charge, without any purchase cost or administration fee for the category 1-2 accounts with electronic statement of account.

The discount of $0.10 per passage will remain valid to all Category 1 vehicles with a transponder, such that the rate will be at $3.00 per passage for a passenger car equipped with a valid transponder.

For further details, the complete A30 Express fares are available on our website (Fee Schedule 2019).

The 2018 toll fares (Fee Schedule 2018) will remain applicable until January 31st 2019.


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