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What are the maximum vehicle dimensions permitted to pass through the toll plaza?

The maximum dimensions permitted to pass through the toll plaza are 4.60m in width and 5.80m in height. These vehicles must use the lane located on the far right of the toll plaza.

Is a debit card (Interac) an accepted means of payment at the tollbooth?

The transponder, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and cash are the only accepted payment methods.

Can I cross the bridge on foot or on bicycle.

No, it is a highway bridge with no bike path. The following vehicles are authorized to drive on the bridge: automobiles, motorcycles, utility vehicles, minivans, light trucks, semi trailer trucks, heavy trucks, recreational vehicles, cars with trailers, private company buses, other commercial heavy vehicles, public transit vehicles, school buses, and emergency vehicles.

Will there be a lane reserved for carpooling and public transit buses?

There are currently no reserved lane for carpooling and public transit buses.

Do I have to slow down at the tollbooth?

Yes, you must reduce your speed to 20 km/h when approaching the tollbooth and you must come to a complete stop at the gate in lanes offering payment by credit cards or in cash.

How many lanes does the tollbooth offer in each direction?

It has seven lanes in each direction. One of these lanes, in each direction, is reserved at all times for transponder equipped vehicles. Not all seven lanes are always open at once,  availability depends on traffic.

Is the toll system operational even during winter?

Yes, the toll system is operational 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, in both directions.

Where is the tollbooth?

The tollbooth is located between the Soulanges Tunnel and the Serge-Marcil Bridge linking Les Cèdres to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Does the toll apply in each direction? Is the toll the same?

The exact same toll applies in both directions.

Does the toll apply at all times?

Yes, the toll applies at all times.

What currency is accepted at the tollbooth?

The Canadian Dollar is the only currency accepted.

Do vehicles registered outside Quebec have to pay a toll?


Yes, the same conditions apply to all vehicles and the toll is the same for everybody.

Is the A30 transponder system compatible with electronic toll systems on Charbonneau Bridge, in other provinces or in the United States?

The system is not yet compatible. This option is currently under review.

What do I do if I only use the bridge occasionally or if I am a tourist?

The tollbooth offers payment by credit card. It is not necessary to have a transponder in such cases.

Are there rebates for frequent users?

The toll is a fixed amount, no matter how often you use the bridge.

Is it possible to buy a monthly or annual pass?

No monthly or annual pass is currently offered.

Can motorcycles be equipped with a transponder?


The transponder is not available for motorcycles at the moment.

How can I know my vehicle's class?

If your vehicle is less than 230 cm in height (automobile, motorcycle, SUV, minivan, taxi or light truck for example), then it is class 1.

If your vehicle is more than 230 cm in height (semi trailer truck, heavy truck, recreational vehicle for example), then it is class 2.

If you need a special permit (classes 1 through 7) from SAAQ to drive on roads, you have an outsized vehicle.

Do I need exact change to pay in cash?

No, tollbooth operators can give you back your change if need be. To pay in cash, drive in the appropriate lane.

What are the authorized payment methods?

The transponder is the easiest and most practical option. It is also possible to pay with a credit card in the designated tollbooth lanes. In the lanes where tollbooth operators are present, you can also pay in cash.

What happens if I get to the tollbooth and I realize that I cannot pay the toll?

You can talk with a tollbooth operator in one of the appropriate lanes (please follow the signs indicating the lanes with attendants). They will give you alternatives. Please note that additional fees can apply.

I did not receive my transponder, can I use the transponder reserved lanes?


No, you will have to pay the toll in other lanes offering a different payment method.

What do I do if my windshield is broken?

Contact the customer service agent at 1-855-783-3030.

What do I do if I sell my car or buy a new one?


Do I have to pay for a new transponder?

Can I transfer my transponder from my old vehicle to my new one?

Please call customer service at 1-855-783-3030

What do I do if I lose my transponder?

Contact Customer Service at 1-855-783-3030.

How does the tollbooth work?


  1. When approaching the tollbooth, slow down to 20 km/h.
  2. Choose a lane that accepts your preferred payment method (look at the signs above each lane).
  3. If you have a transponder continue onward, it will be detected and the gate will open.
  4. If you pay with a credit card, stop at the tollbooth and insert it in the intended slot. You can get a receipt by pressing on the button. The gate will then open.
  5. If you pay in cash, drive to the tollbooth. The gate will open after you pay.

If I own more than one car, does each one need its own transponder?

Yes, each vehicle must be equipped with its own transponder.